At Specy Design our graphic designers provide visual solutions to communicate specific messages. Depending on your job description, they employ the required applications or production techniques to produce an art piece. Yet it is universally essential that graphic designers have a strong sense of concept development, layout composition, colour theory and typography and this we assure you Specy Design posses.  Our graphic designers are responsible for developing your presentations, brochures, advertisements, catalogues, direct mail pieces, logos, packaging, web sites or other multimedia materials. An accessible digital portfolio should be made available to potential employers.
Logo Designing
An Specy Design designed logo captures the essence of your company in a single icon. These good icons possess capability and proficiency to provide the needed multipurpose functionality such icons. A solid logo design from us communicates your company identity in simple form, clearly and effectively.
Desktop Publishing
Desktop publishing electronically designs and produces printed materials for advertisements, brochures and newsletters. Other examples include:
Annual reports
These are special financial documents used to provide a summary of your operations and financial standing of your company or organization. They may also include other special information about the company including its mission, future plans, and profiles of key management or staff. The target audience may be investors, customers, employees, and partners.
With Specy Design your balance sheets and corporate mission statements are turned into visually appealing presentations.
These are another type of report that your company may produce for perspective clients or investors. They may be formal or informal. Depending on the scope of the report that your company or organization may want a formally designed layout with charts, illustrations, or photos are added.
Business forms:
Include those used internally by your company and those seen by customers or others. Invoices, order forms, routing slips, statements, customer satisfaction surveys, employee suggestion forms, and job tracking forms are just some of our specialization. In designing such business forms we make the form easy to read, easy to fill out, and more attractive or unique than the readily available generic business forms out there.
These can be in large or small print1. Generally they consist of illustrations or photos plus descriptions of the products depicted.
Menus & List:
Your menu may range from simple price lists to elaborate booklets with photos and illustrations.
Brochures, Fliers or Posters:

An Specy Design designed brochure, flier or poster can introduce your entire company and its products or services or a specific product to ones customer. Your companies may have a variety of brochures, fliers or posters aimed at different types of customers — prospects, new customers, lifetime customers. They may also be used to announce any special event(s).
Promotional materials:
These may include your  include notepads, calendars, bookmarks, magnets, t-shirts, mouse pads, and other "leave-behinds" that are useful to the prospect or customer and provide silent, long-term exposure for the company that imprints your name, logo, and contact information on the items.
These may include award certificates for your internal use but can also be customer appreciation awards and gift certificates for new or existing customers.
Letterhead and business cards:


These are the basic items that most businesses use and are often the first thing your business owners will have to create.

For a small business on a tight budget the letter


head may do double or triple duty for printing invoices, fliers, or even for simple brochures.

Our packaging designs cover everything from labels to bags to boxes of all shapes and sizes. At Specy Design our packaging designers create effective packaging which promotes brand integrity and helps ensure premium product positioning in the marketplace.
Periodicals, Newsletters, Newspaper and Magazines:
These are prints that are of a recurring nature. They are intended to be run annually or biennially to sure and inform one’s valued customers. We at Specy Design intend to provide that eye-catching and captivating design layout for any your periodicals, newsletter, newspaper and magazine.
Regardless of the business you are engaged in you need signs in front of your premises as well as inside. Buildings need signs to point visitors to certain areas such as the lobby, a lounge, the exits, the elevators. Exhibitors at conventions and trade shows need signs. Cities and states need road signs. On a smaller scale, individuals need signs too.